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NIH Chemical Methodolgies and Library Development Center of Excellence

Director:  Jeff Aubé, Ph.D.

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The mission of the University of Kansas Center of Excellence in Chemical Methodologies & Library Development (KU CMLD) is to design and synthesize libraries that:

  • Utilize new principles of scaffold design (and especially the incorporation of multiple scaffold cores into a single library)
  • Are likely to have pharmacological activity based on sound drug design principles, and
  • Are likely to have drug-like characteristics.

Novel synthetic technology is the primary product of our academic research. The KU CMLD accomplishes its mission by combining this new knowledge with standing parallel synthesis capabilities, enabling the production of unique chemical libraries. The specialized expertise and hardware within the KU CMLD translate into cost effectiveness, high quality, timely turnaround and structural diversity. Dedicated staff coupled with versatility and adaptability means the KU CMLD stands ready to adapt synthetic methodology to library production. This wide scope positions the Center to be a source of new and exciting investigational tools for the Chemical Biology research community.

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