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Director:  Rolfe Mandel

The Kansas Geological Survey (KGS) researches and provides information on the state's geologic resources including energy, water, and the environment and addresses natural resource challenges facing the state of Kansas. The KGS also develops tools and techniques for studying the state's surface and subsurface through its geophysics and mapping programs.

The Geohydrology Section investigates and provides information primarily related to the state’s groundwater resources, including the High Plains/Ogallala aquifer in western and central Kansas.

Energy Research
The Energy Research Section studies the state’s geologic sources of energy, focusing on oil and natural gas, reservoir characterization, distribution of subsurface rocks, and carbon dioxide sequestration in the subsurface.

Stratigraphic Research
The Geologic Research Section studies and maps the state’s surficial and subsurface rocks, providing a better understanding of their formation and the geologic resources they harbor.

Exploration Services Section
The Exploration Services Section develops and employs high-resolution shallow seismic reflection and other techniques to obtain data on the subsurface and monitors earthquake activity in Kansas with a multi-station seismic network. It also provides drilling in support of research.

Kansas Geological Survey
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