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Director: Donna Ginther, Ph.D.

The Institute for Policy & Social Research (IPSR) brings together social scientists from a broad range of disciplines to pursue and conduct sponsored research at the international, national, regional, state, and local levels. IPSR affiliated faculty represent disciplines such as economics, education, environmental studies, geography, political science, public administration, social welfare, sociology, and urban planning. 

IPSR’s grant development staff assists researchers with all stages of proposal development, beginning with identifying potential funding sources, developing and refining the proposal, preparing the budget, and finalizing the proposal for submission. Once awarded, IPSR assists with award administration. IPSR research is funded by the federal government, private foundations, corporations, and state and local governments. 

Other IPSR research services include computing and data services, publications, and conference and workshop planning. 

Center for Compassionate and Sustainable Communities
The Center for Compassionate and Sustainable Communities engages in research development, knowledge translation and public engagement activities aimed at fostering more compassionate, just and sustainable communities.

Center for Environmental Policy
Engaging in the social sciences, engineering studies, and legal studies, this center examines various dimensions of environmental policy.

Center for Indigenous Research, Science, and Technology
The Center for Indigenous Research, Science, and Technology (C-FIRST) studies the continually unfolding relationship between Indigenous peoples and their environment.

Center for Science, Technology, and Economic Policy
State and local economic development, economic impact analysis, economic modeling, and tax research are the major areas of emphasis for C-STEP. C-STEP includes the KU Entrepreneurship Works for KS Initiative.

Center for the Study of Injustice
The Center for the Study of Injustice (CSI) is an interdisciplinary research center that brings together faculty and students from across KU interested in domestic and international research related to social justice.

Center for Military, War, and Society Studies
The Center for Military, War, and Society Studies facilitates essential conversations about – and with – the U.S. military, holding national or international symposia that bring together scholars, policy makers, and members of the armed forces.

Surveillance Studies Research Center
The mission of the Surveillance Studies Research Center (SSRC) is to facilitate scholarship and collaborative partnerships in the study of contemporary forms of surveillance, social monitoring, and data gathering.

Doctoral Research Fellows
The Doctoral Research Fellows Program will help develop the next generation of KU interdisciplinary social science scholars by providing a select group of graduate students with training and support in interdisciplinary social science research skills and by creating a community of graduate students across the social sciences to support each other at KU and in the future. 

Institute for Policy & Social Research 
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