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Hall Center for the Humanities
The Hall Center offers opportunities to faculty and students to encourage research engagement and productivity in the humanities, arts, and humanistic social sciences, and to foster partnerships with diverse participants to establish new ways of understanding the human condition. The Hall Center also brings the research conducted on campus to a wider audience through research partnerships with community members and public lecture series. 

Institute for Policy and Social Research (IPSR)
IPSR brings together social scientists from a broad range of disciplines to pursue and conduct sponsored research at the international, national, regional, state, and local levels.

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funding opportunities

Funding Opportunities 

The Hall Center offers fourteen competitions for faculty and graduate students to pursue research interests, visit archives in the U.S. and abroad, publish monographs, and work with partners on large-scale collaborative projects.

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Interdisciplinary Seminar

Interdisciplinary Scholarly Exchange

Interdisciplinary faculty seminars explore significant themes ranging from race to international conflict to the digital humanities, offering both KU and visiting scholars the chance to receive diverse feedback on works in progress.

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New research methods for humanities

Research on the Leading Edge

The Center seeks to bring innovative scholars together to shape the future of humanities studies by developing new forms of research, resulting in both new models and best practices for cutting-edge humanities work. 

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preventing human trafficking

Human Trafficking Prevention

The Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Initiative (ASHTI) is working to find solutions to prevent human trafficking and exploitation.  

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Human Migration Research

Race & Immigration

Critical perspectives and future examination of the continued significance of race in immigration across time and place.

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All Volunteer Force

All Volunteer Force

In 1973 most political and military leaders assumed that if the United States again fought a major, long-lasting war the nation would reactivate the draft; but that didn’t happen.

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Variance in Research Awards from NIH Based on Race

Ethnicity Variance in Grant Awards

NIH officials are changing policies regarding grant review and the tracking of disparities in grant approval based on research done at the Center for Science, Technology and Economic Policy (CSTEP).

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