University Designated Centers and Institutes

Human Development and Cognitive Function Research Centers & Institutes

Achievement and Assessment Institute (AAI)
The AAI works to enhance the achievement of a variety of individuals and organizations throughout local, state, and national communities.

Schiefelbusch Institute for Life Span Studies (LSI)
The Life Span Institute undertakes research to benefit individuals, practitioners, families and communities throughout Kansas and around the world.

KU Research Centers & Institutes Making an Impact


Equal Access to Higher Education

TRIO programs serve and assist low-income individuals, first-generation college students, and individuals with disabilities so they may progress through the academic pipeline from middle school to post baccalaureate programs.

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Blueprint for early childhood

Blueprint for Early Childhood

The Blueprint is a framework that outlines an action plan to optimize child and family well-being with emphasis on the importance of community collaboration and recognizing the whole child.

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Daisey reporting system

Measuring Success and Progress

DAISEY is a reporting system to help funders and programs understand the impact of investments in early childhood by analyzing the outcomes of children and families.

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Gear up

Career & Education Exploration

GEAR UP Programs provide an array of academic services, career exploration activities, and other enrichment opportunities to middle school and high school students.

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harvest of hope leadership academy

Empowering Migrant Youth

Harvest of Hope Leadership Academy provides academic enrichment, leadership development and college preparation for high-school students eligible for migrant education services.

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Kansas home visiting

Improving Lives for At-Risk Children

Home visiting provides parent support and education to improve child and maternal health, school readiness and development, safety, and self-sufficiency for families.

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iPad app helps preschoolers with autism talk and play with classmates

Helping Preschoolers with Autism

A voice-output app on iPad coupled with training for teachers and classmates is proving to be a way to unlock communication and socialization for preschoolers with autism who have little or no spoken language.

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Enriched baby formula

Enriched Formula=Smarter Toddlers

Infants who were fed enriched formula from birth to 12 months scored significantly better than a control group on several measures of cognition, language, and intelligence collected between the ages of three to six years. 

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Communications Complexity Scale

Assessing Nonverbal Communication

Researchers and clinicians can now assess the communication status of children and adults with disabilities as diverse as autism spectrum disorders, Down syndrome, deaf-blindness and cerebral palsy, including those who are nonverbal or have very limited speech.

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