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Director:  William Picking, Ph.D.

The Higuchi Biosciences Center (HBC) is a center of centers engaged in biomedical research. The Center provides research support and administers funds from a variety of sources, including the NIH, NSF, industrial partners, and private foundations.

At the Higuchi Biosciences Center, the is to foster an environment conducive to interdisciplinary, biomedical research. In practical terms, this means:

  • Relieving our participating researchers of the non-scientific work involved in grant submission and administration
  • Providing funding incentives for multi-investigator, interdisciplinary projects
  • Offering personnel services, including assistance with searches and visa applications
  • Providing laboratory space and opportunities for equipment sharing. promoting translational research in the biomedical sciences
Center for Biomedical Research Excellence in Cancer Experimental Therapeutics (COBRE CCET)
The CCET works to identify novel bioactive compounds that will be useful basic biomedical research tools and potential therapeutic agents.

Center for Biomedical Research Excellence in Protein Structure and Function (COBRE PSF)
The PSF conducts health-related basic research in protein structure and function.

Center for Biomedical Research Excellence in Molecular Analysis of Disease Pathways (COBRE CMADP)
The scientific emphasis of the CMADP is on the creation and implementation of enabling technologies that can be employed to identify new therapeutic targets for the treatment of human diseases.​

NIH Chemical Methodologies and Libraries Development Center of Excellence (CMLD)
This center designs and synthesizes libraries that utilize new principles of scaffold design (and especially the incorporation of multiple scaffold cores into a single library), are likely to have pharmacological activity based on sound drug design principles, and are likely to have drug-like characteristics.

NIH Specialized Chemistry Center (SCC)
The SCC develops novel probes based on hits uncovered in NIH screening efforts.
Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology and Cancer
The focus of this division is the study of basic biological processes at the molecular and cellular level, including diverse model organism, developmental biology, and cancer research.  The vision is to understand the molecular mechanisms that define normal organismic development and normal and neoplastic cell growth in order to identify and characterize molecules, pathways and processes that represent cancer cellnew targets for prognostic and therapeutic objectives.  
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Neuroscience and Neurodegenerative Diseases
This division investigates the mechanisms of neurodegeneration and its associated mitochondrial dysfunction, to promote the discovery of novel therapy for neurodegenerative diseases and to facilitate the translational research for these devastating disorders.   
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Higuchi Biosciences Center
2009 Constant Avenue
Lawrence, KS 66047
Phone: 785-864-7339

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