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Education Research Centers & Institutes

Achievement and Assessment Institute (AAI)
The AAI works to enhance the achievement of a variety of individuals and organizations throughout local, state, and national communities.

The Life Span Institute (Schiefelbusch Institute for Life Span Studies​)
The Life Span Institute is one of the largest and most highly regarded human development and disabilities research centers in the country. LSI brings together scientists of diverse disciplines including, psychology, psychiatry, speech pathology, sociology, education, biology, pharmacology, physiology, gerontology and medicine to study human development from its genetic origins through the final stages of life.


KU Research Centers & Institutes Making an Impact

STEM after school programs

Quality After-School Learning

The Kansas Enrichment Network is creating a statewide system to increase the number of students participating in quality, informal STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) programs through out-of-school time activities.

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Project STarts: Skillful Thinking in the Arts

Skillful Thinking in the Arts

All 140 arts educators in the Kansas City Kansas Public School district are committed to incorporating critical thinking into the arts classroom. CPPR is providing training, along with formative and summative evaluation of the project.

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Redefining inclusion and taking it national

Redefining Inclusion- Nationally

The SWIFT Center assists schools across the country to implement KU’s successful model for educating general and special education students together while improving schoolwide academic outcomes for all.

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More time to teach and learn

More Time to Teach and Learn

What if a teacher could manage a class like clockwork—including those students with challenging behaviors—and even when teaching tough lessons? That’s the way CW-FIT (Class-wide Function-related Intervention Teams) works.

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Individual Growth and Development Indicators

Teachers as Scientists

Early child care teachers are using scientifically-validated tools to measure infant and toddler growth and progress over time. This allows data-driven decisions to get children the help they need and determine if that help is working.

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Mobile web-based application helping kids to graduate

It Takes Connections

High-school students at-risk for school failure are getting connected to their teachers and other mentors while learning self-management skills through a mobile web-based application called I-Connect.

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