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Center for Montessori Research (CMR)


Director:  Angela Murray

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CMR logoThe University of Kansas Center for Montessori Research engages in collaborative research, evaluation, and dissemination activities for building a robust body of knowledge so that Montessori education and philosophy will benefit all children. Montessori philosophy and pedagogy is individualized and hands-on, with a long-term, whole-child perspective. It is also rooted in a collective sense of well-being and aims to promote peace. Although most popular at the early-childhood level, Montessori programs exist from infancy through adolescence, with a growing number of programs serving people with dementia. While Maria Montessori developed her Method over a century ago, Montessori education remains popular today, with more than 4,500 Montessori schools in the United States, including 500 schools in the public sphere. Beyond the schools themselves, Montessori education continues to gain momentum as a contemporary influence on and movement in schooling and education around the globe because its fundamental principles apply to diverse environments. The Center for Montessori Research conducts and supports research to provide evidence that is specific to Montessori environments and that examines its potential influence on the broader fields of education and human development.



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